“I'm really glad I kept my discount card in my wallet.  I almost never get sick, but because I don't have any sort of medical insurance, I figured I'd hang on to it until I could try it.  Well, a couple weeks ago, I tried to help a cat in a distressed situation and got bitten and scratched pretty badly.  The emergency clinic doctor gave me a tetanus shot and a prescription for antibiotics.  When I got to the pharmacy, I asked how much the antibiotics would be and she said $61.  I showed her my discount card and asked if that would save me anything;  she said it lowered the cost to $35.  Wow!  I saved $26 just by showing my card.  There's no doubt I'll be keeping it in my wallet from here on out.”

Richard M. from CA

“The first time we used the card our prescriptions dropped from about $500 to around $110. Later, one prescription, nearly $85, went down to $10.25 and another one dropped from $37 to $11.37. We were very pleasantly surprised!”

Dave S. from TX

“At first I was skeptical.  After all, how can a free program save anyone money? But after telling the representative about the expenses my family was enduring due to my youngest son’s Leukemia medications, he recommended I do a price comparison. WOW!! My son is currently taking 4 prescriptions:  Cellcept, Bacterin, Gleevec, a nd Prednizon.  The prescription discount card either beat or matched the price offered by my Blue Cross PPO prescription plan.  Over all I saved almost $300.00 per month.  I saved $200.00 on the Cellcept alone.  Thanks again for keeping your eye out for great programs such as this card to help families like mine survive a rough financial time.”

Barry C. from CA

”We have the pharmacy benefit and we take about $600 per month in prescription drugs. 

We are very happy with the savings that we are getting; we save about $200 a month!”

John M. from KY

“I was prescribed Clomiphene Citrate, which isn't covered by my insurance.  I went to my local CVS pharmacist, who told me the retail price would be $162.00.  I did a search online with my discount card and found a pharmacy two doors down selling it for $72.00.”

Raul L. from FL

“The cheapest I could find my insulin was $64.00.  In using your program I have managed to get four vials and it only cost me $11.64.  I’m on Medicare Part A and Part B, but it’s not being paid for yet.  I want to thank you for doing this for me.”

Dawn W. from IL

“I went to fill an antibiotics prescription for my daughter, and the pharmacist told me it was going to be $94. I then showed my discount card and only paid $12.62.  It was a great feeling being able to fill the full prescription with no worries.”

Robin L. from ID

“I use an injectable medication that is not covered by my insurance. At my pharmacy this medicine normally costs me $56.49, but with my discount card it was only $28.13. Awesome – I just wanted to share!”

Lisa M. from TX



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